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Party & Dance Lighting

Beamer  aka Double Dancer

Mirror Balls

Motors &Pin Spots

Itsy Effect Light

Dual Sun Effect


Meteor Lighting

High Intensity
Pro Beam Oil Wheel Projector

Club Light 250

Small Moving Light Sound Activated or DMX


Celebrate nearly any occasion!
The Celebrator features 8 different gobos
With popular party themes
Merry Christmas,
Happy New Year, Happy Birthday & More


Centerpiece Effect

8 Mirrored disks rotate in sync
to the beat of the music produce
over 150 multi-colored beams of light.
Great Centerpiece Effect! 

Flame Projector

Projects sensational images of flickering flames
Turn up the heat at any show, party, or dance
Variable focus to blur flame image edges
Variable speed of flames
No cool down period needed

Spinning Stars

White Spinning Star
Color Spinning Star
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