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Tube Units

Contains 2- 4' UV Tubes

may be hung overhead or used as Footlights mounted on the ground

These fixtures are Instant On 





Long Range BL Fixtures 

Uses a Mercury Vapor High Output 400W style lamp Requires warm up time but has a very long throw and large coverage These fixtures may be mounted from pipes or floor bases

For use in large venues

Bubble Effects

Hot Air Machines

May be hung overhead or used from the ground they have heaters to allow the bubbles to rise

Standard Machines

Must be hung over head to allow the bubbles to drift downward

Confetti Effects

Confetti Cannons

Powered by CO2 Cylinders &

air pressure













Confetti Spreaders ​

To be hung overhead from ceiling or a theater pipe for use with standard confetti and theatrical plastic snow

Gobos by Apollo

Full line of Metal & Glass Templates Standard Designs by Apollo

See Gobo Section

Custom Gobos

Custom templates may be made for your special event with your artwork

Special Gobos for Special Shows 

Atlantic has some gobos that are designed for certain productions in stock. Ask about your play or production We may have what you are looking for. 

ASL Custom Gobos for Special Events

Atlantic has a unique line of special gobos that were produced by our designs

Tell us what you are looking for !

Snow Machines

Liquid Snow Machines

Machines may be hung, placed on catwalk, or run from behind scenery.


Gobo Rotator Effects

Apollo Gobo Rotators

Apollo Smart Move DMX Controlled or stand alone also has built in effects

Apollo Vertical Move

Vertical Move gives up down motion such as a ball bouncing a butterfly flying slowly or any up down animation

Rosco Gobo Rotators .​

Standard basic preset revolving speed

Derksen Gobo Animator

Repeat image over& over at a controlled speed Has a horizontal move

May be used to display a message and can be used to animate a plane or object flying, such as a witch on a broomstick, a bird or anything you can imagine.

Moving Cloud Effects

Great American Market Cloud Effect Scrollers Has a variable speed control​

Strobe Lights

Strobe effects to produce: Lightning Effects, Stop Action Effects, Bright Flashes etc.

Small & Medium Box Strobes

for compact areas  






Large Diversatronics Strobe

May be hung or ground mounted

Variable speed with remote control








Strobe Cannons

High Power Strobe mounted in a PAR 64 Fixture that maybe hung or floor mounted These are very directional, will acept a color filter & frame and have a remote control 

Data Strobes

Very High Power Strobe which may be controlled by DMX


Stroboscopic disc effect that mounts to a standard 6" theatrical fixture that gives a strobe flicker effect, also can simulate a passing train at night 


Star & Curtain Strobes

Single Burst Strobes - Random flashes approx 1 per second ~ when used on a black backdrop in darkness looks like paparazzi photo flashes- also known as stick strobes

Plastic Snow Spreaders

Plastic snow may be spread by a confetti spreader with a motor speed control and hung from a theater pipe overhead

Mirror Balls & Pin Spots
Mirror Ball Sizes
12 Inch to 24 Inch with rotator motors
Also Mirror Cylinders
& 12" Multicolor Balls


Fiber Optic
Cable Side Illumination
Used commonly for signage but may be used for other usages such as set pieces & platforms
Fiber Optic Strings
with Illuminator Box
End illumination fiber used as tiny stars in fabric, set piece, or ceilings
Kaledioscope Projector

Projects briliant Kaledio effects ~

Beautiful Colorful Interchanging Patterns Built In Programs or Sound Active 

Projected Effects


GAM Scene Machines

Projectors for projetion moving theatrical scenery with motion discs and scrolls

These include Rain effect Snow, Moving Clouds

Flame Projectors

Projects flickering flames Speed control allows from a cozy fire to a blazing inferno. Used  with theatrical scenery, stand alone or other. For theatre, dance, special events. Great Effect!                  May be hung or floor mounted.

Rope Lighting
Rope Lights

Ropelighting may be used to line Fashion Runways, Theatrical Sets, Marquees or whatever your imagination can dream up.

Ropelight have been around since the 70's

They may be run with a control box that allows you to run them in a chase mode, various chase patterns or all on. 

Rope lights are avalible in No Color, (White), Red, Blue, Green, Purple which comes in 16' lengths an is also avalible in continuous 150' runs.

Fiber Optic Projector

Fiber Optic Projector projects a flowing color which you may also project a transparency image through the color which gives it a mystical magical effect. An example : the image of the head of the Great Wizard of Oz or of the Wiz depending upon which production. Used as they enter the Wizards chamber and he speaks to them an image of his head is swirling appearing to be floating in the color.

Oil Wheel Projectors


Meteor Pro Beam Oil Wheel Projectors for: projetion Psychedelic Oil Effect

Multi-Color Liquid that flows & drips.

Emulator~ Laser Simulator

Projects briliant liquid effects givingthe effect of rippling water in four selectable colors: blue-red-green-yellow. May be used to simmulate rippling water. For halloween or horror effects the red maybe used as rippling blood

Chaser Lights
Chase Light Strings

These are the hard to find~ old style white ping pong ball type round bulb light strings used for marquees, runways, around mirrors, etc. They are controlled by a chase controller

LED Ropelights

LED Ropelight Strings

Strings of rope lights like the standrd ropelights only has LEDs inside

Fog Effects

                                                                               Dry Ice Fog Machines

                                                                                           35 & 55 Gallon Drum Style

                                                                                           Also ~ Phantom Foggers


Standard LIquid Machines

Lemaitre & Others

Alcohol Water Based Fluids




Pyro Pots & Hex Jets









                                              Low Lying Fog Machines & Converters

                                                     LeMaire LSG & LSX

                                                         LSG requires 350 lb CO2

                                                         Dewers Tank

LSX Low Lying Fog

No Dry Ice or CO2 Needed

LeMaitre LSX Low Lying Fog Machine Converter

This is a very cool piece of equipment.

Using a fog machine the LSX converts hot fog, into cooled low lying / ground fog.


This is a great effect for haunted houses, plays / stage effects, nightclubs, wedding first dances and the list goes on.

The machine operates on standard 120v A/C power and is used in conjunction with a high output fog machine.


There is no need for dry ice, water, special gases or special power/voltages.

You must use a special Low Lying Fog Fluid for the LSX Machine.

The LSX uses a water based low lying fog fluid, which is generally friendly used in rooms with smoke detector systems.  LeMaitre Fluids are water based and leave no residue.


However it is recommended to test the system or any fog system, with the house smoke detector in standby mode. This way if there is a problem the Fire Department will not be sited to the venue. (False Alarm)


We recommend sending one of our techs with the machine.

Follow Spotlights
Short throw Spotlights

Altman Follow spot

Times Square Super Spots

have a throw of 25' - 125' 

Color Boom with six colors &

a dowser, an iris, framing shutters

and a rolling stand

Great for: plays in small theaters,

Churches, Schools, Night Clubs.

Follow Spotlights
Medium throw Spotlights

Altman HMI Follow spot

have a throw of 100' - 200' 

Color Boom with six colors &

a dowser, an iris, framing shutters

and a rolling stand

Great for: plays in small theaters,

Churches, Schools, Night Clubs.

also~Altman Voyager Follow Spot

Follow Spotlights
Long throw Spotlights

Strong Super Trouper Follow spot

have a throw of 125' - 400' 

Color Boom with six colors &

a dowser, an iris, framing shutters

and a rolling stand

Great for: Large Shows or events, theaters,

Churches, Schools, Festivals.

Headset Systems

Clearcom Intercom


Belt Packs & Cable

Intercom Main Station

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